Best of 5 years of nu disco, pt. 2

Let the Music Hypnotize You (feat. Kelly Brown) [Mute Box Remix]
KaiMack & Scott Mac
Track No. 1
H.P. Vince
Track No. 2
Real Time (feat. James Gicho) [Juloboy Remix]
Jerem A.
Track No. 3
Special Love (A1 Nu Disco Mix)
Jerem A.
Track No. 4
Dream of You
Ayhan Akca
Track No. 5
Another Night Alone (Stephane Deschezeaux Remix)
J Nitti
Track No. 6
Some Day
Melih Aydogan
Track No. 7
Deep in My Life
Grisha Gerrus
Track No. 8
Funky Music
Bruno Oliver
Track No. 9
The Magic (2K17 Rub)
Casual Connection
Track No. 10
Lite (The ReThink Mix)
Frank Virgilio
Track No. 11
This Is How I Roll
Track No. 12
The Night (Ikaros Remix)
Rick Marshall & Amrick Channa
Track No. 13
Another Night Alone (MadSound Remix)
J Nitti
Track No. 14
Ridin' High (feat. Moniq a) [Uno Kaya Remix]
Space Roosters
Track No. 15
Lose Your Mind
Doru M
Track No. 16
Hide & Seek (feat. Matei Sorescu)
Major Deep
Track No. 17
If You Let Me (feat. Anthony Poteat) [DJ Aristocrat Remix]
DJ Leon El Ray
Track No. 18